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We understand the accuracy and power of your evidence ultimately determines your success. Our Board-Certified Medical Experts and Medical Legal Consultants deliver accurate medical insight and medical legal support throughout each stage of litigation. With direct clinical experience and medical expertise, we are uniquely equipped to help you strategically navigate the medical aspects of your case. Our team provides the medically verified evidence you need for the maximum impact of your case, resulting in higher settlements and more successful outcomes.

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Our nationwide team of Board-Certified Medical Experts and Medical Legal Consultants empower our clients through unparalleled medical intelligence and proven medical-legal strategy.

We provide testifying and non-testifying medical litigation support representing plaintiff and defense attorneys, insurance providers, & healthcare organizations across the U.S.

From Physician Specialists and Registered Nurses to Hospital Administrators, our complete medical-legal team spans across all areas of expertise and serves at the forefront of medicine.

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At Affirm, we pride ourselves on the highest level of commitment to our clients. Our transparent case management process and highly responsive communication style keeps our clients coming back time and time again.

Learn The Medicine

Complex Medicine, Simplified

When you need to accelerate your understanding of the medicine, let our Medical Team lead the way. We transform complex medical diagnoses, injuries, and medical procedures into concise, easy-to-understand reports supported by the industry’s most up-to-date research.

Our Process

Throughout your case, it’s essential to determine the most effective case strategy and probable outcomes.

Our systematic approach has been carefully designed to deliver the most accurate level of medical insight and case management to maximize the impact of the facts and medical evidence.

Medical Legal Services

For Every Stage Of Your Case

From pre-litigation merit reviews to powerful testimony, our medical legal services are customized to meet you at every stage of your case. Our dedicated Medical Legal Consultants work in partnership with our leading Medical Experts to help you accurately understand, build, and prove the medical facts of each case.

Non-Testifying Expert Services

Medical Case Analysis

Our team of Medical Legal Consultants work behind the scenes to help you understand, build, and prove your case – all without formally retaining an Testifying Expert

  • Quickly dismisss weak cases

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the facts
  • Gain efficiency in your record review process

Testifying Expert Services

Medical Experts

We simplify the process of securing leading Testifying Medical Experts and empower your case with the most qualified & appropriate Nurse or Physician Medical Expert Witness.

  • Multiple medical & nursing specialities

  • Pre-screened for excellence

  • Zero risk guarantee & no location fee

Complete Medical Legal Support

Litigation Support

Our Litigation Support Services are designed to provide complete medical legal support throughout the entire litigation process, delivering accuracy, insight, and impact at every case stage.

  • Medical Visuals & Illustrations

  • Medical Research

  • DME | IME Services & more

OnCall Consultation

From The Office To The Courtroom

Have a question about a case or simply want to discuss your strategy, but not ready to commit to services? We’re ready to help!

Whether you’re in the office or the courtroom, our team is available for one-on-one consultation to help you navigate your case.

Client Testimonials

“I have worked with Affirm on many complex medical analysis cases. They have provided medical summaries and chronologies which help me fully understand and speak to the medical aspects of my case.”

Affirm Consultants IconKathy R., Managing Partner, Texas Law Firm

“Working with Affirm has been a game-changer for my firm. Affirm completes our pre-suit screenings for our nursing home cases. Their work is thorough, accurate, and provides the facts needed to decide whether to move forward with the case.”

Affirm Consultants IconJeff H, Wisconsin Plaintiff Attorney

“We would highly recommend Kelly and her team. They have a streamlined intake process and utilize a nationally recognized case managament portal, allowing for secure communication and transfer of documents.”

Affirm Consultants IconHoward K, Florida Defense Attorney

“Affirm helps me thoroughly understand my client’s injuries so that I can knowledgeably speak to the medical aspects of the case. I would highly recommend Kelly & her team for your next personal injury case analysis.”

Affirm Consultants IconMike F, Illinois Personal Injury Attorney

“Affirm provides valuable insight into standard of care deviations in our nursing home cases. They complete all our initial merit reviews and then help locate qualified medical experts, if needed. Efficient, highly knowledgeable, and very pleasant to work with.”

Affirm Consultants IconStephanie K, New York Nursing Home Attorney

“A huge thank you to you and your team for the exceptional work you provided. Your passion shines through in your work. We look forward to our next case with you and your team!”

Affirm Consultants IconCassandra P, Colorado Medical Malpractice Attorney

“Affirm’s review of medical care and the patient chart provides me with the precise medical analysis I need for my Medical Malpractice & Wrongful Death cases”

Affirm Consultants IconMegan T, Ohio Attorney