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From initial medical record review & merit screening to deposition and trial testimony, we deliver the accurate facts and evidence for Nursing Negligence and Malpractice cases. Our Nursing Consultant Team identifies, organizes, summarizes, and analyzes the critical pieces of nursing documentation so you can make quick, informed decisions about your case strategy. Our Nursing Expert Team accelerates your case with proven powerful testimony. Together, our teams deliver top tier nursing expertise.

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Nursing Negligence Experts

Your Solution To Complex Nursing Negligence Cases

Strong evidence is crucial in nursing negligence cases. That’s why you need subject matter experts at your side who understand all aspects of nursing standards of care, documentation, and electronic medical records.

Whether your case requires a Nurse Consultant or Testifying Nurse Expert, our nursing team is ready to advance your case. Our deep roots in the healthcare system, understanding of nursing standards of care, and knowledge of medical records will help you understand, build, and prove every aspect of your Nursing Negligence or Malpractice case.

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From the bedside to the Emergency Department to Skilled Nursing Facilities, we’ve built a team of Board-Certified Registered Nurses with advanced certifications and spotless credentials.

Our Nurse Consultant Team excels at helping you understand the medical facts and evidence. Our Nurse Expert Team delivers powerful medical opinions and nursing negligence expert testimony. Together, our combined teams provide unparalleled medical expertise coupled with effective litigation strategy.

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Nursing Negligence Standard of Care Specialities

The nursing standard of care refers to the type of care a nurse would have provided if he or she was reasonably skilled and competent, with a similar level of education, under the same clinical circumstances, and within the same nursing specialty.

The most common nursing standard of care deviations include:

  • Failure to supervise
  • Failure to properly monitor
  • Failure to follow physician orders
  • Failure to respond in a timely manner
  • Failure to report a change in condition
  • Failure to accurately document patient conditions
  • Failing to ensure proper functioning of medical equipment
  • Failure to prevent falls in high risk patients
  • Failure to ensure proper medication administration
  • Failure to prevent pressure ulcers

Learn The Medicine

Complex Medicine, Simplified

When you need to accelerate your understanding of the medicine, let our Medical Team lead the way. We transform complex medical diagnoses, injuries, and medical procedures into concise, easy-to-understand reports supported by the industry’s most up-to-date research.

“Integral Part Of Our Team”

“Kelly and her team of Nurse Consultants and Experts are invaluable. Their level of expertise runs deep and their team covers a wide variety of subspecialites. They are able to identify the areas of my nursing negligence cases that matter most and deliver the information I need to make important decisions for my case. They are an integral part of our team. Highly recommend!”

Keith R.

Illinois Medical Malpractice Attorney

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Nursing Negligence Case Analysis

Understanding Nursing Standards of Care

Gain firsthand insight on adherences and deviations from nationally recognized nursing standards of care. We help determine whether standard of care deviations caused or contributed to the client’s injury. Our team of Nurse Consultants and Nurse Experts deliver the accurate facts at any stage of litigation.

  • Pre-Litigation Case Screening: Screens potential nursing negligence cases for merit before you decide to pursue and strategize on your case

  • Comprehensive Medical Case Analysis: Provides actionable insight so you can make informed decisions for your case.

  • Testifying Medical Expert Services: Delivers powerful medical opinions and testimony for a winning case.

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Ready to learn how our Nursing Negligence Team can advance your next case?

Nursing Negligence Litigation Support

When you’re building a Nursing Negligence case, it’s vital to evaluate all aspects to determine your most effective strategy.

Our systems have been carefully designed to deliver an unparalleled level of case management to help you maximize the value of your client’s claim.