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Our comprehensive Medical Litigation Support Services deliver the precise support you need at any stage of litigation.

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Medical Visuals & Illustrations

You need clear visual communications to impactfully educate the judge and jury while demonstrating the numerous medical and technical concepts of your case. Our team will connect you with certified Medical Illustrators to provide you with:

  • Medical Illustrations
  • Technical/Scientific Illustrations
  • Animations
  • Interactive Media (timelines, Powerpoint ®️, presentations, animated illustrations
  • 3-D printed models
  • Visual glosseries of comple case terms

Medical Research

Increase your success and understanding into the fine details of the medicine with Affirm’s up-to-date supporting medical research.

Our dedicated Research Specialists have firsthand experience and expertise in their field, ensuring the research integrated into the case analysis is accurate, insightful, and precise to the case subject matter.

We have access to the nation’s top databases, allowing us to support our medical analysis with the most accurate and precise research.

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Defense | Independent Medical Exams

Personal Service, Nationwide Coverage

Our Registered Nurses are focused on patient care excellence and bring a compassionate bedside manner to every DME/IME, serving as an advocate for your client. We ensure proper exam guidelines are closely followed while also complying with specific legal directives. We’ll cover every step of the IME/DME process from client preparation to a detailed and unbiased documentation of the exam. Our detailed, comprehensive reports create a solid foundation to build your strongest case.

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Medical Billing Audits

Our Medical Billing Audit Service allows you to compare and contrast medical cost for services in relation to usual and customary charges.

Affirm’s team of Certified Medical Coders, Billing Auditors, and Experts analyze the medical records to verify that the services provided were directly related to the injury sustained. We utilize specialized databases to identify customary costs based on CPT codes and geographic location.

We deliver a chronological overview of the medical services and procedures with corresponding charges, including insurance reimbursements or applied discounts. Our Medical Billing Team also provides testifying services.

Life Care Plan Reports

Build your case with a projected future medical and non-medical cost analysis to determine your client’s anticipated lifetime needs and overall costs of recommended services and products.

Our Certified Life Care Planners and Experts deliver a detailed analysis of the type, quantity, timing and cost of the injured party’s current and future care needs – helping you justify your case. Our Life Care Planning team also provides testifying expert services.

Affirm also works with defense counsel to review and verify Life Care Plans presented by the plaintiff. These reviews consider the need for specific treatments, as well less expensive alternatives to meet the plaintiff’s needs, prices, and discount factors. Each Life Care Plan is customized to meet the needs of the individual client.

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Medical Record Retrieval

Affirm takes the guesswork out of medical records. Our trained team identifies the medical records that matter most to your case. From there, we initiate our Medical Record Retrieval Service. Our process is fast, secure, and verified. We utilize a secure case management portal, ensuring full HIPAA compliance and confidentiality.

Enhance Your Courtroom Strategy

We understand that certain cases require ongoing litigation support. Our services and systems have been carefully designed to support our Attorney partners through every step of the case to help determine the most effective litigation strategy.

*Included in our Consultant Medical Case Analysis Report

  • Identification of Deposition Candidates

  • Development of Deposition Questions

  • Identification of Potential Opposing Counsel Arguments

  • Development of Counterarguments

Deposition Summaries

Our dedicated team of Nurse Paralegals transform comprehensive deposition transcripts into clear, concise, and objective summaries. We accurately and objectively capture your case’s testimony – allowing you to identify and validate the essential facts.

  • Hyperlinked reports

  • Customized format

  • Secure transfers of transcripts and summaries