Medical Chronologies

Optimizing Productivity & Containing Case Cost

Medical Chronologies

The Most Efficient & Effective Way To Learn The Facts

Quickly & efficiently identify relevant facts, medical encounters, & treatments in a chronological series of events to accelerate your case understanding. Our Medical Chronologies help busy attorneys spend less time reviewing records and more time optimizing productivity and building a winning case.

Medical Chronologies

Optimizing Productivity While Containing Costs

Access a Detailed Case Overview

For cases involving medical records, a Medical Chronology is often the best place to get started. Our Medical Chronologies allow attorneys to quickly and efficiently locate the key facts and dates related to the injury and medical care – delivering the insight needed to strategically understand and build a solid case.

Simplify The Medical Record Review Process

By condensing complex medical information into a concise format, our Chronologies simplify the medical record review process and case analysis, and also aid in effective decision-making in Personal Injury cases, Medical Malpractice cases, or any case involving medical records.

Learn The Facts Quickly & Cost-Effectively

With quick turnaround times and cost-effective pricing, our Medical Chronologies allow attorneys and insurance companies to maintain an efficient workflow, increase productivity, and allocate case costs effectively.

Add Value To Every Stage of Litigation

Our unbiased, fact-based reports can be used for discovery and investigation, trial preparation, reporting to the claims adjuster, and for exhibits. They also save time and contain cost by streamlining the Medical Expert’s review process. Medical Summaries are a valuable tool at any stage of litigation.

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Expert Preparation

Medical Chronologies Streamline Expert Case Reviews

A Medical Expert’s time and expertise is valuable, and so are case costs. Medical Chronologies are a great solution to help streamline a Medical Expert’s review process. Our objective and cost-effective Medical Chronology Service provides Experts with a precise roadmap to the case – ensuring the Expert’s time is spent on the medical records and areas of the case that matter most.

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Medical Chronology Reports

Benefits & Key Elements

Our reports are highly customizable to meet the unique needs and requirements of each case.

  • Save time and money by streamlining your Expert’s medical record review

  • Easily identify medical providers, facilities, and other details critical to your case

  • Learn the medical facts, care, and treatment that matters most to your case

  • Identify significant past medical and surgical history

  • Learn case strengths and weaknesses

  • Gain a deeper understanding of complex medical terminology

  • Identify inconsistencies, discrepancies, or missing documentation

  • Access relevant records in a single click from the medical chronology

Request A Medical Chronology

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The Process

Medical Chronology Service

From start to finish, your Medical Chronology is managed by one of our dedicated medical professionals with direct experience in the case subject matter.

Our systematic approach has been carefully designed to deliver high level medical expertise, transforming thousands of pages of medical records into easy-to-navigate reports that deliver accuracy, insight, and impact.

Strengthen Your Case

Additional Services

We understand that each case is unique and may require additional services beyond an Medical Chronology. That’s why we offer a range of extended services to provide a more comprehensive and tailored solution for your needs.

  • Audit Trail Analysis Service

  • Medical Billing Audit Service

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Maximize Your Case

With A Specialized Medical Expert

After completing a thorough chronology with our dedicated team, it’s time to elevate your case strategy by engaging a Medical Expert Witness.

Our team of Medical Experts specialize in various fields, ensuring that you have access to the most relevant and experienced professionals for your case.

By collaborating with our Experts, you gain valuable insight, medical opinions that support and strengthen your case, and powerful testimony.

In the field of law, time is a critical factor. Attorneys often face the daunting task of sifting through extensive medical records to build a solid case. This is where medical chronologies come into play. A medical chronology for attorneys is a comprehensive and organized summary of medical records, specifically tailored to meet the needs of legal professionals. By condensing complex medical information into a concise format, these reports simplify the process of case analysis and aid in effective decision-making.

What is a Medical Chronology?

A medical chronology is a meticulous compilation of relevant medical events, treatments, diagnoses, and other pertinent information extracted from voluminous medical records. It presents a chronological timeline of the patient’s medical history, allowing attorneys to easily navigate through crucial details. With the assistance of specialized medical chronology services, skilled professionals meticulously review and analyze medical documents to create accurate and concise chronology reports.

How Do Medical Chronologies Help Attorneys?

  • Time-Saving: Attorneys can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of medical records. Chronologies streamline the process by presenting essential information in a simplified manner. This saves valuable time, allowing attorneys to focus on building persuasive arguments.
  • Efficient Case Analysis: Medical chronologies ensure that attorneys have a clear understanding of the medical history, treatments, and outcomes of their clients. This enables them to identify crucial medical issues, assess liability, and determine the merit of a case accurately.
  • Identify Discrepancies: These reports help attorneys spot inconsistencies, discrepancies, or missing documentation in medical records. Such observations could prove vital in supporting claims, identifying medical malpractice, or strengthening legal arguments.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Attorneys often collaborate with medical experts and consultants. By providing a concise summary of complex medical information, these reports facilitate effective communication and collaboration between legal and medical professionals.