Medical Record Reviews

Key Medical Insight For Your Case

Medical Case Insight Before Retaining A Testifying Expert

Understand What Happened, How It Happened, & Why It Matters To Your Case

Our Pre-Litigation Team of highly specialized Medical Legal Consultant Nurses accurately perform medical record reviews, develop confidential work products, and provide the research-based guidance needed for your case.

Our Consulting Team is involved in the early stages of each case, working behind the scenes to deliver the verified medical facts and evidence needed to help you successfully understand the medicine.

Our medical chart review and medical case analysis services have been carefully designed to contain initial case costs & provide an early roadmap for your case.

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Our Medical Specialities

Our Expertise, Your Success

Our team of Medical Legal Consultants is comprised of Board-Certified Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners. Our Consultants have direct clinical experience and medical knowledge in the areas essential to your case.


  • Critical Care
  • Emergency Department
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • General Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Nursing Home
  • Long Term Care
  • Infectious Disease
  • Pediatrics
  • Geriatrics
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Hospital Administration
  • And More

Challenges of Medical Record Reviews

Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice cases can involve extensive volumes of medical records. Attorneys handling these cases can be faced with many challenges that ultimately impede their legal team’s efficiency and success. By working with Affirm for your medical record reviews, Attorneys overcome these process challenges and are able to focus on other areas to ensure a successful litigation.

Medical Record Review & Case Analysis

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Why Choose Us For Your Medical Record Review?

We Accelerate Your Understanding Of Facts

Our proven medical record review process allows Attorneys to quickly and cost-effectively understand the causation of the injury or medical event, extent of the injury, & course of medical treatment.

We deliver the verified medical facts based upon an extensive and systematic review of the case information and medical records – all without formally retaining a Testifying Medical Expert.

Our services accelerate your understanding of the medical facts, contain initial case costs, and allow law firms to only pursue the strongest cases.

  • Dismiss Weak Cases

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Cost

  • Expedite Your Medical Chart Review Process

  • Gain Access To Premier Medical Expertise

OnCall Consultation

From The Office To The Courtroom

Have a question about a case or simply want to discuss your strategy, but not ready to commit to services? We’re ready to help!

Whether you’re in the office or the courtroom, our team is available for one-on-one consultation to help you navigate your case.

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Our Process

Medical Chart Review and Case Analysis

When you’re evaluating a case, it’s essential to know the facts and gain key insight to determine the most effective strategy.

Our systematic medical chart review and case analysis approach has been carefully designed to deliver the most accurate medical knowledge and case management to maximize the impact of the evidence.

Learn The Medicine

Complex Medicine, Simplified

When you need to accelerate your understanding of the medicine, let our Medical Team lead the way. We transform complex medical diagnoses, injuries, and medical procedures into concise, easy-to-understand reports supported by the industry’s most up-to-date research.

Medical Fact Reports

The Most Efficient Way to Understand the Objective Facts

Our Medical Fact Reports are non-biased and fact-based. This service is offered independent from our Medical Case Analysis Reports and is the fastest way to learn, summarize, and access the facts. Our reports can be used for discovery and investigation, trial preparation, reporting to the claims adjuster, and for exhibits. They also save time and contain cost by streamlining the Medical Expert’s review process.

Most Basic

Record Organization

Receive a detailed and organized index of medical records, freeing up your staff’s time for other valuable responsibilities.

  • Quickly identify relevant records

  • Dismiss extraneous records

  • Accurately identify missing records
  • Increase speed & efficiency in your medical record review process

Most Popular

Medical Chronology

Quickly & efficiently identify relevant facts, medical encounters, & treatments in a chronological series of events to accelerate your case understanding.

  • Improve productivity – receive your report within a few days

  • Increase consistency with standardized formatting

  • Access original documents through hyperlinks

  • Cost effectively learn the facts

Most Comprehensive

Medical Summary

Gain a deeper understanding of your client’s injuries, damages, and treatment through a comprehensive, easy-to-understand narrative summary.

  • Narrative, story-telling format

  • Learn how the prior medical history and future injuries relate to the claim

  • Understand medical terminology 

Medical Analysis Reports

Direct Medical Knowledge & Experience Applied To Your Case

Our Medical Case Analysis Reports apply our medical expertise, knowledge, and direct clinical experience to each case. We analyze the medical records from a unique perspective, one that only a medical professional with direct experience in the case subject matter has. From there, we transform the records into the evidence – identifying case strengths and weaknesses, deviations in standards of care, and opinions on injury causation. We simplify and synthesize the medicine to help you understand, build, & prove your case. Reports are customizable and tailored to each case.

Medical Malpractice | Nursing Home

Merit Review

We efficiently and cost-effectively conduct a case screening focused on the claim to help determine if the case is worth pursuing. We analyze probability factors that have potential for positive or negative outcomes.

  • Quickly dismiss weak cases

  • Contain initial up-front costs

  • Understand applicable standards of care

  • Learn recommendations for case development, including Expert identification

Medical Malpractice | Nursing Home

Medical Case Analysis

Once merit has been established, we take a deeper dive into the areas of liability that matter most. With a focus on Standards of Care & regulatory compliance, we pinpoint the exact evidence needed to support or refute liability.

  • Gain deeper insight into standards of care with supporting evidence

  • Learn potential opposing counsel arguments & counterarguments

  • Identify deposition candidates & deposition questions

  • Build & prove the facts with our deposition and trial preparation

Personal Injury

PI Case Analysis

For cases involving injury, such as motor vehicle accidents or a slip and falls, we help you understand causes & extent of the injury so you can effectively develop your case strategy & confidently present the factss.

  • Learn how prior pre-existing condision relate to the claim

  • Understand claims, injuries, medical care results, and diagnoses

  • Gain medical insight on causes & contributing factors to the injury

  • Learn recommendations for case development