Medical Litigation Support

Medical Litigation Support Services

Strengthen Your Case Strategy

Our comprehensive Medical Litigation Support Services deliver the precise support you need to support your case. From industry-leading Certified Medical Illustrators to specialized Damage Analysis Experts, we have you covered.

Medical Visuals & Illustrations

Add Clarity & Impact To Your Case

Transform complex medical concepts into the precise demonstrative evidence needed to add clarity and impact to your case.

We partner with industry-leading Certified Medical Illustrators who create custom visuals for Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice cases.

Based on our medical review and analysis, our Certified Medical Illustrators work one-on-one with our attorney partners to create custom projects. Services include:

  • Medical Illustrations
  • Animations
  • 3D Models
  • Interactive Media (timelines, PowerPoint ®️, presentations, animated illustrations)

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** We also assist in cases where an outside medical case review has been completed.


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Economic & Non-Economic Damage Analysis

Build Your Strongest Case

Our team meticulously evaluates economic losses, such as medical expenses and lost wages, as well as non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, to provide a comprehensive assessment of the true impact on your client’s life.

Trust us to deliver precise and compelling reports that strengthen your case and maximize the compensation deserved by your clients.

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Defense (Independent) Medical Examinations

Your Client’s Advocate

Our team of dedicated Registered Nurses play a critical role in a Defense/Independent Medical Exam for attorneys by serving as a knowledgeable and compassionate advocate for their clients.

We assist in coordinating the exam, ensuring that all necessary medical records and documentation are provided. During the exam, we act as a liaison between the client and the examining physician, ensuring accurate communication and addressing any concerns or discomfort the client may have. Our nurses’ expertise helps ensure that the examination is conducted fairly and accurately, providing valuable support to the attorney’s defense strategy. Upon exam completion, we deliver a concise report of our exam findings and analysis.

Rest assured knowing that your client has an Affirm Nurse at their side to advocate for them and document the facts.